Whether it’s a service or a repair of your existing alarm system, an upgrade or a new system, we can help.

Intruder systems are often neglected until they go wrong, if serviced annually they are usually very reliable. A service from AlarmEx will cost only £50 for a full test of your domestic system (Commercial customers please enquire for costs to larger systems).

In the event of a power cut, do the alarms in your area go wild? If they do it’s certainly time for a service! Failure to rectify this can cause catastrophic damage to the alarm control panel itself.

Did you know that Lead Acid alarm batteries have a life span? Four years is the recommended time for batteries to be changed, this can differ depending on environmental issues, i.e. higher temperatures, frequent power outages etc.

When was yours last changed? AlarmEx use professionally calibrated test equipment to test standby batteries, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that your battery is in tip top condition.

A top quality “Ultracell” battery will cost from £20 to replace at the time of a service (2.4Ah).


AlarmEx uses high quality professional “British Made” Texecom branded equipment in our hardwired installations, however we are conversant with most other brands of intruder alarm panels too.


AlarmEx uses high quality professional Visonic branded wireless (Radio) equipment in our wire free systems. Wireless systems are useful for installations where it is not possible or not aesthetically pleasing to install cabling. Nowadays they have a long battery life of in excess of two years, unlike similar systems of old.

Auto Diallers:

Auto Diallers are a simple piece of equipment that are connected to your alarm system for in the event that there is an alarm activation, it will be
pre-programmed to dial certain numbers of your personal key holders to alert them to take appropriate action.

(Types of Auto Dialler: Hardwired, these Diallers are connected to your fixed landline or outlet port on your broadband router. GSM, these Diallers use a Sim Card and the mobile telephone networks and have the advantage over hardwired as their lines cannot be cut).