Whether it's a service or a repair of your existing alarm system, an upgrade or a full new system we can help.

Intruder systems are often neglected until they go wrong, if serviced annually they are usually very reliable. A service from AlarmEx maintained to BS 4737 will only cost £50 for a full test of your system.  **

Did you know that Lead Acid alarm batteries have a life span? 

Four years is the recommended time for replacement!

(To comply with PD6662 & British Standard 4737)

When was yours last changed?  AlarmEx uses professionally calibrated test meters to test standby batteries, leaving no doubt that your battery is in tip top condition, we leave nothing to guesswork!




A top quality battery will cost from  £20 to replace. A.C.T Battery State Meters- The ONLY true way to test an Intruder Alarm or Fire Alarm Battery properly!

A shoddy looking alarm bell box gives potential intruders the impression that your alarm system is neglected!
Why not upgrade your first line of defence? From £85.



AlarmEx uses the best quality products for instalation and repair of alarm systems, we will specify as standard British made Texecom equipment as they can be relied upon, thus giving you peace of mind with your security.





Speech diallers are a device that will call a contact number should your alarm be activated in your absence, programmed to your mobile phone, YOU can respond to the call personally.  Diallers are our speciality as we can combine the fitting and the telephone connection on the same visit and at a combined price too!  From £175. *



 Standard Dialler            GSM Dialler




Should you not have a landline connection in your premises, eg A Static Caravan then a GSM dialler can be fitted as an extra to your existing alarm system.  This type of dialler uses the mobile phone networks to alert you of potential problems, from an intrusion to a simple low ambient temperature, though a little more expensive due to the nature of the technology. A GSM dialler can also be used as a back up in the event of your telephone line being cut.***

Wireless Alarm Systems


In the event that you don't want to have the disruption of having wiring installed underneath floorboards and carpets / laminate flooring, then why not let us give you a quotation for a Visonic Professional Graded Wireless System, virtually no mess, pre-programmed off site prior to installation, so, usually fitted in less than 3 hours! And, meeting all of the standards required by most insurance companies.

Visonic Users - Click Here

* Please note that a functional landline will be required for a PSTN dialler to operate.

** AlarmEx will only work on alarm systems that are not under contract with another alarm company .

*** GSM diallers will require a SIM card supplied and maintained by the customer (Credit will be required to enable dialling or texting) ((As little as £5 credit per year should suffice in normal conditions))

**** Users with alarm key fobs shall be responsible for the replacement of batteries within & if mislaid, that they inform AlarmEx immediately.

* Please note that the cost for an alarm service to a new customer will be £50, any customer responding to a reminder during the month that their service is due will get the discounted cost of £45.